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Welcome to the Wayward Adventuring Guild

I don’t know why anyone would want to move out here in this wilderness or why on Golarion you thought to put me up to organizing it, but I’ve never been able to make it work in proper ‘society’, and to be honest, this is the last shot I’ve likely got at making a living in my age – given my reputation.

You ought to know by now, but if you don’t – the name’s Saloch Calnisi, former adventurer and glorified babysitter. I can’t believe you bastards sign up for this shit without knowing what they’re getting yourselves into. I can tell you’re new in town so here’s what you need to know.

The “Wawayrd Adventurer’s Guild” is nothing but a bunch of loonies with a deathwish. They’ve gathered their meager resources (some adventurers!) and purchased this here guild hall in this shithole of a town. There ain’t much going on here. You got the normal crowd – farmers, blacksmith, baker, and so on. About 2,000 of us in total here in town. They enjoy their peace and quiet, so let’s keep it that way. They Mayor can still kick your sorry asses out if he wants. He’s letting you stay, hoping you can do something to keep the wilds beyond the fences out and maybe, just maybe you can add a little more to economy than you destroy. He’s an idiot.

Anyway, the Guild is new but the hall is old. I was the last member of the last batch of adventurers. I’m far too old now to toil with that nonsense, but if you keep paying me to listen to your tall tales, pour you pints of ale, and keep your rooms tidy I’ll keep doing it. Any information I can give – I’ll give it. And anything I don’t know, I might know someone who does.

See that map up on the wall over there? That’s the Hinterlands. Everything within reach of the Guild Hall. Each hex is about 50miles across and takes several days of travel to navigate – especially considering terrain. I’ve marked each of the hexes with a number so that we all know what we’re talking about. The Guild Hall is in hex 5.5. Each of the hexes is marked with a terrain icon, offering some basic description of the landscape there. Each hex, however will be more nuanced than this quick sketch. Don’t ask about what’s beyond. You want to know what’d beyond? Join another stupid club.

How it works here is this – the group usually gets drunk and decides who’s doing what when. That is to say, they make ad hoc groups to set out to various locations based on who’s available and interested. Use the calendar. Groups of no more than 4, since someone needs to attain to the matters in town. There are some exceptions, but not many.

Once a hex is ‘cleared’ the group usually spends a chunk of change paying some poor local saps to ‘upgrade’ the roads in the area. These repairs are usually completed by the time the next ‘adventure’ is complete. A hex with infrastructure upgraded will be easily navigated through to the connecting hexes. Be careful though, it usually goes – the farther from home you go, the more dangerous it gets. And I would know (he raises up his stump where his hand ought to be)!

Some things are available here in town, but if you need anything especially fancy made you might have to travel to one of the two cities within the region. I’m sure you’ll find what you need out on your trips. You’re adventurers after all.

Home Page

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